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A Few Words About Ajanta

Updated: Mar 21

This is the end of the discussion of Ajanta Cave Paintings, and here, I want to share a few more words about Ajanta Paintings.

I was utterly spellbound to see the marvelous creation while watching the paintings of Ajanta, keeping in mind that some unknown artists created those before the birth of Christ! They were not interested in inheritance by mentioning their name below the paintings. They are only immersed in their beautiful World of creativity by withdrawing any physical appetency or craving. It is impossible without having a complete dedication to the Lord Buddha. They didn't aspire for honor but for a bit of compassion for Lord Buddha, and to the best of my belief, it was the actual spirit behind their creation. While watching those paintings in the secluded caves of Ajanta, I felt that those artists were not human; they were beyond human-like manners. They came from an extraterrestrial world to teach us the doctrines of Lord Buddha and later mingled in the heavenly halo.

Lord Buddha, Padmapani
Lord Buddha, Padmapani

We will never feel the heartbeat of those artists because we were born in this modern era. We want to exist in the rat race of the modern era, even though we need recognition, focus, advertisement, promotion, and so on. We have the egotism behind each of the creatives, but they had unconditional devotion to the Lord Buddha, which transformed their artist's soul into the soul of a priest, and the painting became worship for them. This is what the ancient sage advised artists in the World's earliest grammar book of painting, - "remember, you are going to make your earnest reverence to the almighty creator by your creation, so be careful of your honesty." The unknown author wanted to mean by "honesty" that you shouldn't create what you see in your eyes but rather create what you feel in your soul. That is the actual honesty of an artist, and now, it is the exact concept of this modern World of art.

Finally, I would like to say that if we remember all the caves like Ajanta, Bagh, Vaja, Kanhari, Elephanta, Junar, and so on, it will create an extraterrestrial world in our inner soul that will be similar to the poem of Kits where all the windows of the World of fairy women are opening serially at the far way of the ocean. After a while, it will take us to that everlasting World of joy where we have the flavor of our lives, and we will understand why we should take more time to live in this beautiful World.

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