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Author Amar Singha

About this blog

Artique blog is the passion project I started in February 2016 as "Painter's Blog." It was an outlet for my love for Indian art and culture that I wanted to share with the world. In March of the same year, I began writing about various streams of Indian art, and it was like a dream come true for me. 

In 2014, when Painter's Blog was recognized as one of the top Indian art blogs out of fifteen, I was overjoyed. It was an incredible achievement for me, and it fueled my desire to write more and research sincerely into the art practices of ancient India. And when it was awarded the best Indian Art Blog by in 2015, I was ecstatic. It was a validation of my hard work and dedication to my passion.

The Artique blog has published three books containing my previous write-ups, which were published serially. These books are now available in several formats on Amazon, Google Books, and the Google Play Store. 

Although painting is my primary practice, writing is another outlet for my creative spirit. I enjoy exploring and researching Indian art to bring forth exclusive hidden facts that have never been published elsewhere. It's like a treasure hunt, and I love it. 

To my readers who noticed my silence, I want to assure you that I have not stopped writing. Instead, I am working tirelessly to bring you the best and most exclusive content. I am grateful for your interest in my content and for supporting my endeavor to serve you my best.

Thank you!

Amar Singha


Thanks for getting in touch! Have a nice day :)

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