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The Secret of Body Painting

After discussing the grammar book of painting, I will disclose a unique chapter I found in that ancient grammar book related to body painting and tattoos! The subject grabbed my attention since the chapter mentioned is an unbelievable inclusion of that book compared to the era. I assured in my past articles that this book was written in the third century BC.

I discovered the world’s first conception of body painting and the hidden reason behind it. 

The author stated that once a day, a female leader of a group smeared her figure with a childish, sportive mind, and she smeared the naked torso of her confidante and decorated her body with flowers, leaves, and a bit of bone. Her curiosity was how it would look if she used those elements as her figure's ornaments.  Nevertheless, her concept was praiseworthy to her beloved and other men. It was the first momentum of a unique expression of body and mind, too.

From then, creative people started seriously thinking about advanced body painting or decoration techniques. It was not just a childish game or a new platform to prove artistic talent; instead, it was a beneficial discovery for female to protect themselves from their male enemies. The body painting helped them to hide in the bush or such places in nature. 

A beautiful example of body painting

In that book, the author confessed that the concept of body painting and tattoos has come from some of the insects or animals that can hide them by changing their body color or similar places in nature that match their body color. Usually, we are well experienced with the said type of insects or animals; it was the primary source of this concept of body painting. I said in the past that Indian sages are constantly inspired by nature for their every platform of creativity, and it’s another example of the inspiration they have taken from nature.

Although the primary necessity behind body painting was to protect from enemies, after a particular time, it had attained popularity as the best way of self-decoration. The author said that the female was the first inventor of body painting, and once a time, the trend sprayed to men, and they too started decorating their bodies in several ways. The author said they were not reluctant to self-punish to make it more attractive. From this description, that was the primary step of using tattoos, which is just unbelievable compared to that era.

In India, we have seen in every family at the time of any festival women start to decorate their house exclusively at the time of the spiritual festival. Their creativity is just like inborn. From that ancient era, this common beautifying knowledge of women was always complemented by other men, who always encouraged their creative spirit. In the past, women used the sense of beauty for self-decoration. It is a ubiquitous nature of a woman all over the entire world, and still, now, they are keeping their primary habits. 

Finally, I want to share a quote from that ancient author, -  “Women are the primary inspiration of every aspect of human lifespan because women are the main receptacle of power.”

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