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The Erotic Sculpture of India

Part - 2

According to Hindu theosophy, the human body has both a physical and non-physical form. The physical form allows us to exist in the world. In contrast, the non-physical form enables us to experience pleasure, peace, and devotional feelings. Both conditions can help us reach God in our absence. The Imperium of God is a place of infinite peace and happiness, which we constantly strive for. Because it is our natural position since we are the children of nectar. We desire comfort, joy, freedom, and pleasant experiences - all readily available in the Imperium of God. Since God created us, we have the right to these things, and Jesus referred to himself as a child of God and, indeed, all we are, too. The difference is Jesus realized it, and we failed to have it. Unfortunately, we have become disconnected from our primary position and must remember who we are. Failing so has led to sorrow and unhappiness for little reasons, regardless of their source.

sculpture of khajuraho
Romantic sculpture of khajuraho

Yoga includes certain undisclosed practices that can aid a devotee in achieving a closer connection with God. Unfortunately, I cannot share these practices with everyone due to their confidentiality. One of these practices involves a devotee assuming the identity of a female. I once encountered a male devotee in Vrindaban who adhered to this practice, and he identified himself as a female and dressed accordingly. It was truly remarkable to witness.

The individual was a member of the Vaishnava community, which followed a process to attain enlightenment. He envisioned himself as a confidant of Radha. (A devotee and a beloved of Krishna) According to Hindu theosophy, all things in the universe are a small part of a more excellent spirit. It is believed that everything should be treated as feminine until it reaches the divine presence of the almighty God. Therefore, if one has not yet achieved self-realization, they are considered feminine in all aspects. God is the only male form of this universe; the rest of us are female—no matter what physical condition we obtain.

When one's soul is entirely devoted to the almighty, one may recognize themselves as God. This is a place that many strive to reach, and upon arrival, they realize that they are similar to God and the only male in the universe. This is why figures such as Sankaracharya, Jesus, Buddha, and other devout individuals are recognized as God. Their power is seen as identical to that of the Almighty.

When someone meets that infinite power, they get endless joy and satisfaction because, in that place, he has no aspiration to have anything. It's also the ending point of all the appetencies. I know someone who wrote in his diary about his experience of meeting.

Khajuraho Sculpture
Khajuraho Sculpture

with God. He stated, "After waiting a long time, now I have the experience of being the creator of this universe, and all the other life beings are a part of mine. I am infinite; I am eternal; I am the reason for all the factors." He also described all the galaxies of this endless universe he sensed as himself. He even forgot who he was for a specific time. This experience of a universal self is considered a moment of absolute truth and the highest level of self-realization. It confirms that we are all connected and are indeed children of the divine nectar. No matter who we are. He had been continuing in such a position for more than 24 hours. I apologize for not disclosing the name of this individual for personal reasons. He is widely recognized in the Indian spiritual community. I had the privilege of pursuing his diary for some time.

Laxmi Narayan Khajuraho Sculpture
Laxmi Narayan, Khajuraho Sculpture

Such a spiritual mystery is described in those erotic sculptures metaphorically. The female figure is demonstrated as a petty life-being, and the male figure signifies the Almighty. Opposite organs of living beings are described as the reason behind each creation. Lord pronounced, I am the primary factor behind all the impulsion that came from passion. The allure of the opposite sex is eternal in every aspect and is the reason behind forming this universe, too. Meeting each other creates a joyful experience and satisfaction, metaphorically implemented in the erotic sculpture, indicating the mingling with absolute power. As a physical metaphor for sexual intercourse, It has manifested what would be the experience when someone meets God.

The female figures represent human beings as they are, while the male figure symbolizes the Supreme being we yearn to meet for eternity.

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